Wedding Magician Essex

Wedding Magician Essex - How They Bring The Magic To Your Wedding

Wedding magician Essex based is not a job to be taken lightly, as any misstep can result in embarrassment for the wedding party and ruin the occasion’s entertainment. Here are some of the ways that a highly professional wedding magician will perform his and her routines and integrate with you and your guests.

How your chosen magician Essex based will perform their tricks and routines depends very much on when you’ve booked them for; do you want their services for an entire day or do you only want them for evening dinner entertainment? The best magicians will tailor their performances based on the wishes of their client and the schedule and venue they have been given to work with. At the drinks reception, for example, tricks that are short, easy to follow, and have several parts to them, will be used. This means that groups can come and go without anyone watching not being able to quickly pick up on the ‘plot’ of the trick. Coin ‘disappearances’ and card flourishes are a favourite here. For the wedding breakfast, a more formal routine may be called for: longer tricks, thicker plots, and more amazement at the end. This could be where your magician London opts for more psychologically themed tricks, such as telepathy or revealing facts about people by mind reading. This mental magic is best saved for periods in the wedding when the guests are more attentive. These are a few ways that a magician may interact with you and your guests if you choose one for your wedding entertainment.

If you need a wedding magician Essex based who can entertain and bedazzle at any time and place then contact Magician Nick Reade. Wedding magic is his speciality, and he would love to bring his humour, professionalism and skill to your special day. If you are interested, visit Nick’s website or call 07989 402 057.