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Trade Show Magician

Trade show magician Nick Reade has worked for many corporate clients raising visibility,attracting potential clients and providing entertainment at the their exhibition stands.

Why use Nick as your magician at a trade show?

Exhibit surveys who are an industry research firm have listed hiring a magician as one of the leading attention-getting methods a stand can have.This can be far more effective than standard advertising giveaway’s,audio-visuals and other entertainers.

With lots of competitors and stands competing for foot fall it is imperative to get a stream of visitors to your exhibition space promoting your USPS and branding.

Here are a few ways Nick can assist your trade show promotions and increase your ROI.

•Attract more potential clients to your stand
•Assist in the generation of sales leads
•Qualify potential clients filtered with your criteria
•Promote and build brand awareness
•Provide snappy, clear presentations holding people’s interest

Nick can build the customer experience around your requirements making an effective positive impact for your brand.

There are two main ways to use a trade show magician:-

On the aisle

Nick will be a people stopper, encouraging them to interact and come over to the stand depending on the company strategy for the show. Whilst performing with some intriguing magic Nick will also advise about show give away’s, competition prizes if one is running but ultimately from the company standpoint to produce new and additional leads.

This type of magic is performed on a rolling basis and after the presentation has been completed Nick will pass the potential clients over to the waiting sales staff.

If required Nick will only stop selective people in the show that you are targeting ,for instance those with a blue badge etc. Your show space is a premium so you can either have Nick roaming the stand or working from a small platform providing an elevated performance area.

Theatre style

This is a much bigger presentation normally once or twice and hour and is presented to a seated audience lasting around 15-20 minutes and with a bespoke presentation highlighting company products or services.

Nick can either host this presentation incorporating magic and mind reading routines that emphasis the brand or be one element of the production interacting with the presenter.

Nick has a business background working in the City of London and combined with his friendly and engaging personality, he is able to use his excitement, energy, and humour to act as a bridge between potential clients and sales staff. His sleight of hand skills and impressive mind reading have been used by companies marketing a diverse range of products such as publishing material, defence equipment, computer software, building materials and cosmetics.

Nick is able to offer advice on magical trade show give away’s. He can supply these simple but effective close up magic gifts that promote your company that can be company branded allowing for your name to be remembered long after the event.

Call Nick today to get ideas on how this can be achieved and to book him as your trade show magician.

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