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Team Building Magician

Nick hosts and presents an enjoyable fun team-building workshop where the delegates can learn exciting new skills that include magic tricks.

Using Nick as your team building magician adds a different, intriguing and fun angle to the day.

A typical team building event teaches the delegates some easy to do but impressive magic tricks that can be performed after the event has ended for both family or business colleagues and associates.

The concept is for your participants to work together in small teams to learn these magic tricks and mind techniques after which with their newly acquired skills they perform to the whole group in an end of event magic show.The teams are encouraged to come up with their own presentations for the tricks so challenging their creative thinking, communication, presentation and problem solving showcasing their own unique abilities and talents.

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The show performed by selected delegates creates a great atmosphere where all
involved are rooting for their colleagues and willing them to succeed. Having a Nick and his team of magicians assisting adds another dimension.

If time permits Nick and the team are available to teach fast and effective memory techniques that magicians commonly use together with powerful body language experiments that show that the mind can easily be read if simple techniques are followed.

Nick may show or use a number of short cuts providing an explanation of secret of secret psychological tricks and subtleties that magicians use to influence leaving an impression that you have amazing super powers and have a great understanding of psychology techniques.

Depending on what is required from the Company brief the session can last a couple of hours or a half or full day.

Branded give-aways can be supplied to the team so they can continue to practice and show their new skills after the event is over.

Contact Nick today to discuss how a team building magician can add to your event.