Party Magician Essex

Party Magician Essex - Add Fun And Amazement To Your Christmas Party

Party magician Essex work often comes alive during the Christmas season, when almost every office in the country is planning their annual festive party. The Christmas party is the talk of the office weeks beforehand, and a professional, highly skilled magician can make it the talk of the office for weeks after too!

You can hire a magician for your work’s Christmas party, though it is recommended to do so in good time as they are, understandably, in quite high demand at this time of year. A magician Essex based can be hired as a mix and mingle magician to simply walk around the room during drinks performing some tricks and breaking the ice a bit. They can also be hired to do a full cabaret performance during or after dinner, if you have included that in your office party, to give the evening that extra air of theatricality and wonder. These stand-alone shows can last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour and can be done in a single set or across the course of the evening. Your magician London will be able to discuss arrangements based on your budget and the size of venue available to you, so you needn’t worry about them not being able to accommodate you. Christmas parties are a great way to thank your staff for their year’s efforts and enjoy some team bonding. Since Christmas is supposed to be a magical time of year, what better form of entertainment is there?

If you want to make your Christmas party one to remember, then you need the best party magician Essex has to offer. So, give Magician Nick Reade a call! He can tailor his performance to your budgetary requirements, and he offers a wide variety of entertainment and tricks so you’ll never be short of options. To book Nick’s services, visit his website at or call 07989 402 057.