Magician London

Magician London – How To Choose The Right Magician

Magician London based is no doubt what you have searched for online if you have decided that a magician is right for your event in London. Magic has been performed to the public for thousands of years, and it has always been a highly refined art that has required skill and experience from its practitioners. Unfortunately, a profusion of less able but enthusiastic amateur magicians has lent magic a bad name. In reality, with a good magician, magic is still an extremely exciting form of entertainment. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced professional for your event. So, what should you look out for?

The Varieties Of Magic Offered By A London Magician

The truth is that magic comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, when choosing a London magician, the first thing you need to decide is what sort of magic show you want at your event. Do you want a close-up magician or a magician London based who performs on stage to a seated audience? They are both right for different occasions, of course. In most cases, the type of event you are hosting will determine whether a close-up magician is ideal or not. However, if you have got both options at your disposal, you may prefer the grandiose stage performance, especially if there are a lot of people in attendance. But, on the other hand, a close up magician London way might be able to provide more versatility. Close-up magic is perfect for when the crowd is fluid, and the audience might be sitting, standing, or a mixture of both. The magician can simply stroll through the crowd, mingling with the audience, providing a talking point after his departure. This kind of magic is perfect for a cocktail evening or corporate event where people might not know each other very well and could be in need of an icebreaker.

Seek Testimonials For A Magician Essex Based

One of the most helpful indicators of a magician’s worth is the feedback received from prior customers and viewers. No matter whether you are seeking an Essex wedding magician or a corporate magician, glowing testimonials are of the same worth. This is essentially true in regards to any product or service; recommendations from previous clients are the next best thing to try before you buy. Happy clients will often write to say thank you or will send a review, and a savvy magician is likely to use these kind words. Be suspicious of any magician that does not have written testimonials on their website. It is unlikely that they are just incredibly humble, and more possibly indicates a sub-par magician or one that has not done many shows at all. Experience is a keen indicator of skill, and you can be fairly confident that a magician that has been in the business for decades will be good. When assessing a magician Essex based, you should also look at their specific experience. Who are their clients? What are their areas of experience? Have they travelled much for work? Have they worked for any big names before? Having big names on your client list isn’t always a sign of quality, but it can be, and it also gives you something to show off to your own guests with.

Does The London Magician Suit My Event?

Again, the type and style of magic being performed are very important. When looking for a London magician, you need to make sure the tricks they perform are right for your event. After all, a corporate occasion is going to call for a different show than a hen party. The options are endless, but a few to bear in mind are: cabaret, mix and mingle, card tricks, mind readers, and illusionists. You should be able to get a feel for the magician’s target audience on their website. Some magicians are suitable for adults only, while others are children’s magicians and would be inappropriate when put in front of adults. Look at the magician’s website and see what type of events they specialise in. From a London wedding magician to a corporate magician, all options are available. Other magicians in London might only perform at trade shows or presentations, while others will only perform at private events. Of course, most magicians will be competent in more than one area, and ideally, you will want a magician London way who is skilled in multiple areas, as this versatility demonstrates their level of experience.

A Few Other Considerations When Choosing A Magician Essex Way

This is by no means an exhaustive list of criteria for choosing the best magician Essex based, but here are a few other pointers for picking the right magician for your event. You should ask your chosen Essex magician questions. After all, you are the client, and your business is their lifeblood. Ask them what professional experience they have, and what different options you have. Also, ask what they recommend for the event. You should ask in person about what we have already discussed: whether they have testimonials to recommend and what sort of magic they perform. You should also take cost into account. As with any entertainment, you will want to find an affordable option for your event. But you should also make sure that you don’t skimp on quality. As already mentioned, the magic profession is saturated with more affordable, semi-amateur magicians. But if you want your event to go well and the performance to shine, you should be willing to pay a fair price for a good magician in Essex or wherever you are holding your event. For real quality and a fair price to boot, look no further than Magician Nick Reade.

Magician Nick Reade Is The Magician London Based You Need

An incredible magician London based, Nick Reade has had twenty years of experience in both corporate and private fields. Magician Nick Reade is a rarity in that he has demonstrated exception as a wedding magician, as a corporate magician, and in many other special fields of entertainment. He has travelled widely and has performed for royals and celebrities alike. His glowing testimonials speak for themselves. To check them out, and look up Nick’s availability, go to his website at If you would like to speak in person over the phone, please feel free to call 07989 402 057.