Magician in Essex

Magician In Essex Can Be Hired For More Ambitious Magic Shows

Magician in Essex can perform at various venues for many different crowds. Many people prefer the small intimate nature of a close-up magician, but maybe you’re after something a little different? If so, consider upping the scale a little by booking a magician who can do a good cabaret performance.

Cabaret, in this case, doesn’t mean the glamorous song and dance routines (though some magicians have incorporated this seamlessly into their routines before) but refers more to the scale of performance. Cabaret magic is an intermediate ground between close-up magic and stage magic, which is typically performed in theatres for large audiences. The types of magic you can expect from a magician Essex will vary greatly, but there will be some favourites. These could include the Miser’s Dream, wherein the magician London based will cause unbelievable amounts of gold coins to appear in the air. Or the Breakaway Wand, which involves audience participation whereby a wand will remain rigid when the magician holds it but will fall apart when touched by an audience volunteer. There could be the classic pulling an object from an empty top hat trick, or any number of possible delights that will leave you and the rest of the audience in disbelief. The point is to go for a magician that can perform all of these tricks and more and will not limit you in the scope you wish to see. If this sounds like an enjoyable evening, why not consider finding a cabaret magician for hire?

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