London Wedding Magician

London Wedding Magician Puts The Icing On The Cake For Your Special Day

London wedding magician may have been on your mind for a while, or you may have only just thought about it as wedding entertainment. If you’re planning your own or a loved one’s wedding, never discard the idea of hiring a magician. Here is an outline of the different times to incorporate a magician into a wedding schedule.

Wedding magicians can be hired for the wedding breakfast. Short magic can be used during the main meal as a way of creating a buzz around the dining hall and getting the guests loosened up and talkative with each other. These sets from your London magician are usually broken up into ten-minute routines and comprise short tricks of the close-up variety. One of the most popular times to have a magician working the room is during the photos and canapes. This takes place after the wedding ceremony itself and during this one to two hour period people will often be having photos taken. The best magician London based will keep people entertained with tricks, as a lot of people will simply be standing around while the photos are going on. You can even get the magician involved in the photographs for some funny images. Magicians can also be hired for the evening entertainment at your wedding. Most people invite a greater number of guests to the evening part of their wedding, and thus you may want a close-up magician to mingle with the crowds, or you may want a magician to put on a show for everyone in attendance.

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