London Party Magician

London Party Magician Cabaret Act Provides The Ultimate Sensation

London party magician entertainment has a distinctive category known as ‘cabaret magic’ that is often performed after dinner, and is used at many different corporate and social events. There are numerous types of magic shows available, and cabaret magic is one of the larger scale types of show that a magician will perform.

Cabaret magic distinguishes itself from the also popular ‘close-up magic’ because the size of the crowd is often a lot bigger. Close-up magic is performed in front of small groups of people for maximum impact in terms of interaction between the guests and the magician London that you have hired. Cabaret magic is more in the spirit of a traditional magic display in that it is usually performed in front of a sizeable group, probably the entire gathering, rather than done in short displays across a whole night. However, it is not quite as large-scale as ‘stage magic’, which is vast and requires the use of specialist equipment and technology, customised venues, and widespread optical illusion techniques. What a London magician can give you with cabaret is entertainment for up to five hundred people at relatively little expense. The large stage setup, transportation, installation of technical equipment, and use of illusory devices are not required. What you do need is a crowd and a magician with a wide pedigree of mind-reading tricks and optical illusions for entertainment. A small riser stage and a good sound system are likely to be as far as you need to go in terms of extra costs.

Hire Magician Nick Reade for affordable and exciting cabaret magic from a London party magician with decades of experience putting on shows at a corporate and private level. Whatever event you’re putting on, he can make it extra special. Visit his website or call 07989 402 057 to discuss further.