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London Magician – Surprising Uses For A Magician

London magician is what you will be searching for if you have an upcoming event in London and have made a smart choice about the entertainment. The profession has its fair share of pretenders, who do much to give magic a bad name, but there is truly nothing more spectacular than a successful magic show from a good magician. This is why choosing the right magician London based is so important, and if done well, can lead to an incredible event. You might have heard of magicians for corporate events, but magicians are suited to a wide assortment of occasions. Here are some great but less conventional event that are perfect for a magician.

Hiring A Magician London Based For Trade Shows

The magician is one of the world’s most ancient professions, but while some people nowadays do not believe in magic, they are, nonetheless, always blown away by a good magician. One event whereby a London magician can really impress is a trade show. Trade shows are essentially all about grabbing people’s attention; they are about drawing in the crowd, and who better to help do that than a magician? Numerous exhibition surveys have shown that having a magician is one of the leading attention-grabbing methods out there. Magicians are often far more attractive to the punter than giveaways, audio-visuals, and other entertainers, such as musicians. At trade shows, with so much direct competition, it is crucial to get people to your stall and exposed to your branding; a trade show magician London or magician Essex based can do this for you. A magician attracts many more potential clients to your stand, which in turn leads to more sales. You should look for a London close up magician who can grab people’s attention in the aisle with a captivating mini performance. You should also find a magician London based who is adept at tailoring their tricks and performance to your corporate requirements and brand. If required, the magician should also be able to only stop a selective group of people that you are targeting. All in all, a magician is an excellent addition to any trade show, for increasing sales, attracting clients, and for your own entertainment, of course. Everyone will remember the company with the magician!

Wedding Magician London And Beyond

Magicians are not only recommended for spicing up a corporate event, but they also add a special touch to a private and personal occasion such as a wedding. You might not have considered the possibility of hiring a London wedding magician, but the option is becoming more and more popular with couples tying the knot. Your wedding day is obviously a magical occasion, but it is the little touches that really make a fantastic wedding. A wedding magician is the perfect way to add a little extra magic to the day. A magician is a popular addition during canapes and the photos. Photos can last for hours and for many people they can be tiresome, making a strolling magician the perfect antidote. The magician can perform close-up magic and help raise the atmosphere, mixing with different groups and providing entertainment. A wedding magician London way can also perform magic at the table during the wedding breakfast. A close-up magician can really help break the ice between people who might not know each other that well. A short cabaret performance can also be given to the whole room and might involve the best man, father of the bride, or other audience members. Of course, close-up magic can also provide a spectacular addition to any evening, especially if you have extra guests arriving that might need warming up. For an incredibly skilled wedding magician, turn to Magician Nick Reade.

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Nick Reade is a premier London Magician who performs within London, and travels internationally for corporate and private events. He has over 20 years of experience as a magician London based, and can perform at weddings, trade shows, corporate events, private parties, and much more. He has the experience for practically any occasion. Over the years he has established himself as one of the UK’s top magicians, and has helped lead the resurgence in the popularity of magic throughout the past decade. To find out whether Nick is available for your event, head to his website at If you would like, you can also phone on 07989 402 057.