London Close Up Magician

London Close Up Magician Will Perform A Stock Of Your Favourite Tricks

London close up magician is perhaps the most common image you and I might have of a performing magician. A close-up magician is one who specialises in close up or ‘micro magic’ that makes use of small items and illusory techniques to provide entertainment and astonishment in small intimate settings.

The bread and butter of a close-up magician’s repertoire will be coin and card tricks that use sleight of hand manipulation to make the objects disappear and reappear seemingly out of thin air. Some routines involve previously unseen objects appearing from thin air, such as producing small baby animals, like chicks, in a ball and cup routine. These are the staple tricks that will wow small audiences and guests at a London magician show due to their simple set up but baffling results. There is also a reliance on cold reading, which is when a magician adds a physiological aspect to their magic and is able to point out facts about a person whom they’ve never actually met. Hypnosis, clairvoyance, divination, and telepathy are just some of what you may encounter from a seasoned close up magician London based. Regardless of whether you’re after coin tricks, card flourishes, or more psychologically intriguing magic, all of it benefits from being performed in close proximity to small groups of people. This often astounds people, as they are perplexed at how these tricks can be performed right in front of their eyes. You and your guests will be stunned as you try to figure out how the magician performed close up tricks.

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