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Cabaret Magician

Cabaret magician Nick’s stand up after dinner act is called ‘Magic with a smile’ and involves lot’s of entertaining audience participation and is full of fun, stunning magic and baffling mind reading.

The show can be performed either as after dinner entertainment or be included as part of a conference for groups watching together and has been used for corporate events, weddings, parties in private homes, country clubs, private yachts and cruise ship entertainment.

Having worked in the corporate market for many years Nick performs and blends comedy, mind reading and magic all with non-offensive and clean humour.

The performance can last anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour and is ideal for an intimate audience such as a private dinner party to a larger corporate event with up to 500 people.It has an easy set up requiring no special lighting.Ideally for larger audiences a riser or platform/ stage and good sound system and visibility will enhance the evening.

Here are some of the things that Nick does in the show:-

  • Able to read a spectator’s mind to reveal what words they are thinking of from a chosen book
  • Names 5 chosen cards that are selected from a shuffled giant deck of cards and concealed by 5 people simply by asking a few questions to each of them
  • Reveals a famous song that someone is thinking of from a list of the top 200 best-selling records of all time.
  • Names a word and child hood memory that someone in the audience has simply written down.
  • Plays a game show in which a spectator’s ten pound note is signed and kept by the spectator only for a series of things to happen during the game where the rest of the spectators act as the game show crowd and influence the decisions of the contestant to potentially obtain a great prize.
  • Nick entertains throughout with a series of one-line jokes and comedy observations.

Many previous clients have used Nick to work as a close up magician earlier on in the evening

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Nicks long list of clients include Vodafone, BMW, Bentley, Marks and Spencer, Reuters, British Telecom, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Boeing, Capital Radio, Capita, The England Football Team, This Morning and the BBC to name but a few.

Contact Nick today to discuss how he can help your event and be your cabaret magician.



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